Words from our students...

Still not sure if SusQ-Cyber is the right choice?  Here are some words from some past and present students...


"SusQ Cyber has given me peace during my teen years. The pressure is low, so being able to do my responsibilities in my pace has been one of the greatest things to be given during such a busy time of my life.  
The teachers are flexible and they are always there to help you. But one thing is for sure, though: don't allow yourself to get left behind! As long as you keep up, you will see that maintaining your duties is quite simple

"Hello everyone! My name is Jeileen C., and I am a graduate of Sus-Q Cyber Charter School. I would like to talk about the school year regarding my experience and how it may impact you in a positive way.
The thing I liked most about my school year was the teachers. They are truly the kindest and most flexible teachers that I have ever met. They will help you with anything that you may have trouble with.
They understand that some of the subjects are not for everyone, so if you show them that you are attending every class on time, doing your homework and that you are trying hard, they will not fail you.
All the teachers are like that in that certain school, so again, if you try you are in good hands. You will also be given the equipment that you may need throughout the school year. The school makes sure
that you have what you need to succeed. I loved every moment of that school year and if I would have known about the school in the beginning of high school, I would have done all my four years there.
I graduated with high honors and it’s all thanks to the way everything runs in Sus-Q Cyber Charter School.
"thank you for the wonderful teaching and giving me the opportunity as a teen mom of twins to succeed as an early grad who did a speech at graduation."
- Charity S.
"Hello, hello! I hope you're eager for the new school year! I have some good news that I would like to share with you. As you know, my number one goal was to become a
phlebotomist. After graduation, I applied for Geisinger School of Phlebotomy. I ended up landing an interview and nailing it; three months later, I was offered a spot! Out of
170 people, myself and 16 others were chosen as the "cream of the crop." I handed in my blue dietary shirts for some super cool red and black scrubs. I am now 4 days into
my new career and would like to very much thank the teachers and staff at Susq-Cyber for the preparation, motivation, and support! I have also preformed my first successful
stick! After Decemeber 8th, I will be a full-fledged phlebotomist! Hope the school year goes smoothly for all.

Warm regards,

Kristen B. (Class of 2017)

A student and her grandmother expressed how much they are loving our program!  It was mentioned that every experience has been positive and how easy it is working with the staff and teachers.  They're impressed with how organized we are in explaining things to the students with safeguards in place like homeroom check, study skills, and office hours in the evening for additional help.  It is a big difference from their previous experience with cyber school and they really love the support the student is getting.