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Internet Reimbursement

Technology Services offers internet reimbursement to student's families who are not taking advantage of the Verizon Wireless MiFi devices offered by the school. To take advantage of this program, please complete the Internet Reimbursement Request Form​, print it out and return it along with your monthly statements to:

Technology Services - Internet Reimbursement
240 Market Street, Box 1a
Suite 15
Bloomsburg, PA 17815

Forms and statements can also be faxed to 570.245.0246

Internet Reimbursement will be processed based off of this schedule:

Statements received betweenMust be sent byTo be processed by
September 1 - November 30December 15December 30
December 1 - February 28March 15March 30
March 1 - May 31June 15June 30


If you participate in Internet Reimbursement, you will not be offered a MiFi device. If you submit an Internet Reimbursement Request Form along with your statements and your student has been issued a MiFi device, your request for Internet Reimbursement will be denied. 

Covered Costs

Internet Reimbursement is offered only for the actual cost of the internet service. Taxes, fees, equipment rentals and setup costs are not reimburseable and forms including these costs will be adjusted to only reimburse the internet service cost.

Recommended Speed

We recommend at least a 3mbps download rate and .5mbps upload rate. Mention this to your service provider and they will direct you to the proper internet service.

Maximum Costs

Each tier of internet service has a maximum reimbursement cost associated with it due to their individual average service cost. This is the reimbursement amount schedule for the 2015-2016 school year:

DSL - $40.00
Cable - $50.00
Satellite - $60.00
Cellular (Verizon)* - $40.00
Cellular (ATT, Sprint, etc) - $50.00

*Due to the fact that we have a contract with Verizon Wireless, we will only reimburse cellular internet service at the amount that we currently pay.

Best Internet Service

If it is decided that the service that Verizon Wireless offers in your local area is superior to the internet service that you receive, we may require that the student utilize the Verizon Wireless MiFi device so that the student is presented with a faster connection. Faster connections offer a better learning environment as they tend to alleviate the frustrations of longer load times. In this instance, Internet Reimbursement will not be offered since a MiFi device is being supplied. 

Please direct any questions to Ryan Craig at either or 570.245.0252 ext 348.