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How will my student be educated?

SusQ-Cyber Charter School utilizes a blended curriculum. Not only will your student be receiving instruction from our PA certified teaching staff, but they will also be guided by lessons provided by Compass Learning Odyssey™, as well as courses constructed by our teachers that take place in synchronous online classrooms. Please take some time to review the links below for more information.

What are my responsibilities as a parent or guardian?

A successful SusQ-Cyber Charter School student is one that has structure and involvement of parents/guardians. Your student’s achievement is a combination of effort from home as well as from teachers and staff at the Cyber School. By monitoring your student’s submission of course work and verifying attendance, you are helping to ensure his or her academic progress. Our teachers encourage you to maintain contact with them either by phone or email. It is extremely important to provide transportation for state mandated testing as dictated by the Pennsylvania Department of Education periodically throughout their high school career.

What type of diploma will the student receive?

The student will receive a High School Diploma from the SusQ-Cyber Charter School, a member of the Pennsylvania public school system.

Are there any extra costs associated with the SusQ-Cyber Charter School?

No. It is against the Charter School Law to charge parents tuition. All course charges are handled by the SCCS using Pennsylvania education funding. You are, however, liable for damages to school property and equipment.

How can I enroll my student at SusQ-Cyber?

The Enrollment process is simple, and is open to any PA resident, regardless of the location of their home district. Visit our enrollment page to get started.